Sunday, 25 October 2009


Sorry for lack of updates - hit by the most amazingly nasty cold in the universe.
Coughing/hacking, sneezing, energy gone, sleep deprived, headache, razor bladed throat... blahblahblah...

Will be giving modelling a go in the next 24 hours.
Alas, the conditions at work (where I've been all weekend) are not conducive to a homeworking environment.
Too much crap all over the sides and no mouse space! :)

So, in the next 2 days, expect some pictures of modelling reference and the model herself as she begins to take form.

I've been sketching faces in the meantime, to explore how I might do her face, as the Tim Burton stylee eyeballs make her that little bit extra creepy, and I want her to be cute and adorable. As most small children should be.
I suppose I'm just going to have to make them look soft and rounder, like coloured in external contact lenses. Instead of flat. :D
The fact she will have a round head and pigtails is pretty much sorted. Unless I find it physically impossible to give her pigtails. In which case, she'll probably have a ponytail.
To protect her from the HEADLICE. Or something. As is recommended.

Progression rant - DONE

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