Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Winter Project! :)

So, today, whilst I was looking out for concerts that might have been announced for next year's gig season, I came across an advert on JaME world for a single by a project called Omodaka!

And it's pretty!
8 bit mixed with Japanese traditional singing, and they seem to be all about delivering amazing music videos to the music!

From their webbie -  http://fareastrecording.com
What is Omodaka?
Omodaka is the name of the project developed through a trial and error process of
mutational fusion of music and motion graphics. It will knock over your existing image
toward a music video by a beautiful trajectory.

3 songs. :)

Kokiriko Bushi - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SoZzlgQzHM

Plum Song - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozdGYpcdVJk

Kyoteizinc - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEfNoEYR2-8

Monday, 30 November 2009


Or is it?

I've definitely learned a hell of a lot through this project - for starters, make sure to leave yourself more than enough time to fix any catastrophes that will likely befall you. :)

I had an amazing amount of trouble getting work done this term, as outside influences (moving house, work, blahblahblah) took up a lot of free time that I had. :| Although not an excuse, very time and energy consuming it was.

Modeling was the easy part, to be fair! I had loads of fun modeling dear little Pocahontas, using the old tricks we learned from the first year for polygon modeling, with all the extrusion and vert moving. :)
Although, I did learn that I need to create less edge loops, and just split polygons for some shapes - her nose meant that I added in about 5 extra edge loops which resulted in a line across her face, which looked really rather bizarre. :)
My design for her wasn't as good as I'd hoped it could have been - I originally intended to give her pigtails, so she'd be a little cute and childish. Alas, my skills in Maya were not up to the task, and I ended up giving her a flat poly bob. :) But it looks like hair, so I was pleased with the outcome.

Rigging was relatively simple - I'd forgotten most of what I learned from first year, but found an amazing tutorial online from an Australian university which walked my through the stages from beginning the rig all the way to weight painting! :D The most useful thing I've ever found in my life, I believe. If anybody needs the link, holler. :)

Painting weights was horrible. Horrible, horrible, horrible. And I have great respect for the people that do this for a living. It worked relatively well for her arms, spine and neck/head area, but when it came to her shoulder and armpits, oh my goodness. My mesh did NOT want to play. In the end, it became really rather frustrating, but she does move. :)

I hated this project, and loved it at the same time, for the challenge it presented, and the fact that I apparently wasn't up to it! :)
All in all, even though I feel my work wasn't the greatest, it was the best I can do for my ability, and I am determined to improve further.

Animation is where I want to specialise, for sure, though! :)
Looking to complete my music video to ~ Nephilim - abingdon boys school ~ over this holiday. This is my challenge!

Friday, 27 November 2009

Images of New Rig and Controllers

Re-did the entire rig yesterday evening~
My first rig wasn't co-operative enough, so I followed a tutorial all the way through, and the man was lovely enough to have a section on creating controllers for all the joints, and all the leg controls... AND a section of how to paint weights! ^^

I'm still working on the weights, but it's very depressing - she doesn't want to see to deform right wherever I weight her!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

12 Hours

After so long slogging today (not including all the work done over the last few weeks)
I have finished my model and rig.
She has weights painted, she has controllers...

Tutorials for rigging, controller set-up and weight painting beginnings from this lovely fellow here -

Def. going to use it in the future - so well explained, and simple.
And in nice bitesize chunks, too. ^^

Controllers done!

FINALLY after about 3 hours of messing around with controller attempts, here I have set up all my controllers for my rig! ^^ Hiding in Layer 1 is all the models that are part of my blendshapes. :)

All that's left now is weight painting, which will probably take me a couple of hours again. :)
Mainly because I hate it, and it still confuses me. :D
Although, I read somewhere about doing weight painting by selecting vertices and applying a weight of 1 to the ones that you want to  be affected, and a weight of zero to all the others. Then going around and smoothing it with the brush.

I'll see how I get on!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Crisis Averted!

Alex fixed my problem!
Apparently, I just had too much history, and I'm amazingly happy it was such a simple problem with an easy solution. :D

Away I go to paint weights and blend shapes.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Maya Issues

So, my Maya has decided that, since it crashed after I created my blendshapes earlier, without having a chance to save, that it does not want smooth binds in its vicinity.
It shuts down every time something with a smooth bind is loaded, or I attempt to apply a smooth bind to my model and rig.


Tomorrow, I'm going to attempt to re-install Maya and see how far that gets me, if anywhere at all.
If I can do that, I'm going to attempt to find another machine with Maya for me to work on for the day.
Honestly, all I have to do, is weight painting, blend shapes, and then my final animations.
I could quite happily scream and blend Autodesk Maya 8.5 to a pulp.

EDIT: Here's a render I took of the model before Maya decided to go and be all butt head on me.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Almost Complete Final Model!

So, here she is, minus textures and rig.
:) She's even got some hair!

Stuck to polygons, haven't smoothed her for finalising purposes yet, as it's nice to texture and work with the simple polys. :)
Plus, she doesn't look that terrible! :) Must give her eyes and inner mouth, but that's easily solvable.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Final Character Sheet

After experiencing great difficulty modelling hair, I have settled on a simple bob! :) Which won't require many polygons and should (in theory) be relatively simple... xD Here's hoping!

Saturday, 21 November 2009


Pocahontas has a face!
And it's... a bit bizarre, but she looks vaguely human and made out of clay... :)

I've settled with a ponytail (for the time being, possibly for good) as it turned out to be much more hassle than I anticipated attempting to give her pigtails. Grrrr. :)

This evening, after work, I'm going to rig her face for some animation, and give her skin a proper texture, so her mouth has an inside. :)

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Practice Model!

Pictures of my lame practice model to see what would happen if I worked without reference will go here after I come back from work and have converted the files!
Will also be attempting to perfect the rig on the practice model, as I'm having way more trouble than I anticipated with it. :)

After that, on Monday, should be full speed ahead with final model and complete rig! :)

Sunday, 25 October 2009


Sorry for lack of updates - hit by the most amazingly nasty cold in the universe.
Coughing/hacking, sneezing, energy gone, sleep deprived, headache, razor bladed throat... blahblahblah...

Will be giving modelling a go in the next 24 hours.
Alas, the conditions at work (where I've been all weekend) are not conducive to a homeworking environment.
Too much crap all over the sides and no mouse space! :)

So, in the next 2 days, expect some pictures of modelling reference and the model herself as she begins to take form.

I've been sketching faces in the meantime, to explore how I might do her face, as the Tim Burton stylee eyeballs make her that little bit extra creepy, and I want her to be cute and adorable. As most small children should be.
I suppose I'm just going to have to make them look soft and rounder, like coloured in external contact lenses. Instead of flat. :D
The fact she will have a round head and pigtails is pretty much sorted. Unless I find it physically impossible to give her pigtails. In which case, she'll probably have a ponytail.
To protect her from the HEADLICE. Or something. As is recommended.

Progression rant - DONE

Friday, 16 October 2009

Inspirations! :)

Aardman claymations - 

Creature Comforts -

Wallace and Gromit -

The Presentators -

Shaun the Sheep -

Morph -

Bob the Builder -

Robot Chicken - (as its a mix of claymation and stop motion) :)

First sketches

Concept sketches of gorilla girl - Pocahontas!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

First Post!


Shiny new blog smell... Aaahhhh...!

So, welcome, and this is where all my work for this year and hopefully beyond will be sitting its (with any luck) pretty self! :)

Bringing my scanner to the new house sometime soon, so expect some line arts and digital colours when it comes to concept work for this project! <3