Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Maya Issues

So, my Maya has decided that, since it crashed after I created my blendshapes earlier, without having a chance to save, that it does not want smooth binds in its vicinity.
It shuts down every time something with a smooth bind is loaded, or I attempt to apply a smooth bind to my model and rig.


Tomorrow, I'm going to attempt to re-install Maya and see how far that gets me, if anywhere at all.
If I can do that, I'm going to attempt to find another machine with Maya for me to work on for the day.
Honestly, all I have to do, is weight painting, blend shapes, and then my final animations.
I could quite happily scream and blend Autodesk Maya 8.5 to a pulp.

EDIT: Here's a render I took of the model before Maya decided to go and be all butt head on me.

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