Monday, 30 November 2009


Or is it?

I've definitely learned a hell of a lot through this project - for starters, make sure to leave yourself more than enough time to fix any catastrophes that will likely befall you. :)

I had an amazing amount of trouble getting work done this term, as outside influences (moving house, work, blahblahblah) took up a lot of free time that I had. :| Although not an excuse, very time and energy consuming it was.

Modeling was the easy part, to be fair! I had loads of fun modeling dear little Pocahontas, using the old tricks we learned from the first year for polygon modeling, with all the extrusion and vert moving. :)
Although, I did learn that I need to create less edge loops, and just split polygons for some shapes - her nose meant that I added in about 5 extra edge loops which resulted in a line across her face, which looked really rather bizarre. :)
My design for her wasn't as good as I'd hoped it could have been - I originally intended to give her pigtails, so she'd be a little cute and childish. Alas, my skills in Maya were not up to the task, and I ended up giving her a flat poly bob. :) But it looks like hair, so I was pleased with the outcome.

Rigging was relatively simple - I'd forgotten most of what I learned from first year, but found an amazing tutorial online from an Australian university which walked my through the stages from beginning the rig all the way to weight painting! :D The most useful thing I've ever found in my life, I believe. If anybody needs the link, holler. :)

Painting weights was horrible. Horrible, horrible, horrible. And I have great respect for the people that do this for a living. It worked relatively well for her arms, spine and neck/head area, but when it came to her shoulder and armpits, oh my goodness. My mesh did NOT want to play. In the end, it became really rather frustrating, but she does move. :)

I hated this project, and loved it at the same time, for the challenge it presented, and the fact that I apparently wasn't up to it! :)
All in all, even though I feel my work wasn't the greatest, it was the best I can do for my ability, and I am determined to improve further.

Animation is where I want to specialise, for sure, though! :)
Looking to complete my music video to ~ Nephilim - abingdon boys school ~ over this holiday. This is my challenge!

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